Album: Demo2012 - Thräshää kunnes pää irtoo. (2012)

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Song: Oksennus

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Henri, Topi and Joni created Mario3 winter 2008, first idea was to play punk music like Kakkahätä-77, Wasted and Anti-Flag. We had few gigs back then and we recorded our first demo. Our former singer and bass player Henri left the band and Topi and Joni decided to continue playing punk, but go a bit more hardcore way.

Spring 2009 we recorded our second demo and summer 2009 Miksu joined to Mario3 as bass player. We practised and had few gigs at local youth centers.

2010 Heikki joined to band as guitar player, soon we figured out we dont need two guitars, so Topi focused only to singing. 2010 we had more gigs and we partyed a lot together. We made split cd with "Vajaat Simpukat" band.

2011 we couldn't practise so much 'cos Topi had moved to Tornio and Heikki was doing his military service, so spring 2011 we decided to bury this band and start a new one with more metal influences.

However, somehow people had heard of us so we were still asked to do some gigs here and there, so we decided to dig this band up from its grave and record some old "never recorded" songs. We are still playing and hopefully our new demo/EP comes out sometime next year!

Joni - Drums
Miksu - Bass
Heikki - Guitar
Topi - Throat